Saturday, August 8, 2015

Legalize Banning Colorado Marijuana Rockies

Danville, Kentucky- The future is what keeps a man going. It gives him hope through a divorce and provides strength when dealing with a looming court date. It's the one guarantee of hope in the bitterest winter of the present.

Yet, the state of Colorado has dealt a blow to hope unlike any since Applebee's changed their chicken tenders. In 2012, Colorado legalized marijuana. What a blow to the morality of a once proud state. Suddenly, the laws of this country had been trampled by a few hundred thousand liberals in the Rockies.

Colorado wasn't always this way. Once, it changed the game with a cold activated can. In the 1980's, I often became too drunk and lost my sense of touch. As the spins were out of control, I had little beyond an ability to recognize bright colors. With this daunting scenario, I had no idea when a beer was warm or cold. Thanks to the cold activated can I finally had cold beer. Now, my final few beers before passing out were cold. Sure, I had no memory of those beers, but it was wonderful to see in the affidavit from the Court that I had consumed cold activated cans. I had a taste as cold as the Rockies.

Today, Colorado has a taste of defeat. A taste of marijuana. Worse than Colorado's legalization of Jimmy Carter's leaf, Denver even allows companies- or whatever stupid name these folks came up with in the Yoga studio- to sell marijuana to its citizens.

(We rightfully came to our sense and said no to you, Mr. Carter)

Marijuana ruins lives. I'm not going to go through the case against marijuana because anyone that requires that case can't be reasoned with.

When kids watch the Rockies they are rooting for more than just a team, they are rooting for a city. Some say they don't root for a city, they root for a player. That kind of talk tells me the marijuana has already taken a hold of them. For the rest of us that understand we root for a city, we have to do something while there is still time.

Commissioner Robert Manfred needs to go farther than Roger Goodell's and start policing morality in the MLB. The MLB bans the useful drugs- steroids- and needs to start banning the awful drugs- marijuana. Goodell has shown some gumption by suspending Josh Gordon for one season. Despite this, he's gone lenient on Brady. I'm calling on Robert Manfred to make it clear: the Colorado Rockies are banned from Major League Baseball until Colorado bans marijuana.

Some say this is unfair to those that had nothing to do with marijuana. I agree. But in crisis some good men have to pay for the evil of evil. As a result of the Rockies complicity in marijuana legalization, all fans of the Rockies should be free to find new teams- with the obvious exception of the Cardinals.

Mr. Manfred, this is not a tough situation. Your league has banned Pete Rose. Yet, you won't ban a team that stood on the sidelines as the drug that cost Richard Nixon the 1960 election was legalized. Mr. Manfred, it's time to do the right thing. It's time to legalize banning the Colorado Rockies.