Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Change the Name: Redskins should trade name with Seahawks

Danville, Kentucky- The Redskins carry the greatest name in sports. They represent a people subject to struggles. Some are told, and often, the worst were untold. Despite the intensity of the struggle, the Native Americans persevered. They became code breakers and union men, women tired of paying taxes and the boys of fall.

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One football team was blessed to carry their legacy. The Washington Redskins were a representation of all that Native Americans overcame. They were wise, they were strong and they were winners.

Joe Gibbs symbolized the excellent leadership of so many past Native Americans. He was wise, and like myself at the bar, he refused to quit. Damn, folks, I'm crying thinking about watching him coach in his 70's. Oh, and he won.

The Redskins broke barriers. Doug Williams was the first black QB to win a Super Bowl. Joe Gibbs and the Redskins played the best players and they won. Sadly, that was a radical concept at the time when entrenched bureaucrats pushed out legacy players. The Redskins pushed out the best.

Today, the Redskins have an obligation to change their name with the Seahawks. The Redskins keeping the name is incredibly racist. The Washington football team is pathetic. They are losers. Their management picks quarterbacks based on their feelings, not their winning. Coaches come and go like dollar wells at the local watering hole, and the man in charge is incompetent. If this franchise represents Redskins, then they are providing a caricature of a proud people. The caricature must go.

The Seahawks are a wonderful team. Russell Wilson is a proven winner. He made up some story about curing his concussion so he could keep playing. Richard Sherman is a bit of an egg-head for my tastes, but he tells the people what they need to hear. If not for one mistake, they'd have hoisted back-to-back Lombardi's. The mistakes don't define the Seahawks. The winning does.

Dan Snyder must change the name. Redskins cannot be associated with such a bad team. The Redskins name is great. It should always have a place in the game, but never a game played in an evil city by an untalented team coached by foolish men. Toby Keith once opined in a classic song, "Head West Young Man." It's time for the Redskins name to head West for the Seahawks. It's time to change the name.