Sunday, September 6, 2015

Nebraska and Texas, What's your Option? Return to the Option

Danville, Kentucky- Empires usually fall in different ways. The Romans faced grave moral decay, expansion and rapid inflation. The British dealt with the mistake of electing Labour over Churchill following a resounding victory in World War II. Today, the Nebraska and Texas programs have collapsed as well.

Nebraska and Texas are two of the proudest programs from two great states. While Minnesota was busy voting for Walter "what have I done since 1984" Mondale, Nebraska and Texas joined every state but Minnesota and went for Reagan. Nebraska has won national titles, and Texas has even won a title while Tupac may have been alive.

Yesterday, both programs faced devastating defeat. Some would say Texas suffered a greater loss than Nebraska. Folks, a loss is a loss. Tautologies aren't a logical fallacy, they repeat the truth twice so one doesn't forget it. Nebraska blew the game due to pathetic defense on the last play, while Texas was clobbered.

The only way to return to glory is to score more points. Lost in the analytics is the most important thing about football: scoring more points than the other team. Texas and Nebraska have foolishly attempted to copy their neighbor- whether U.T. running Baylor's offense or Nebraska running lord help us, whatever deformed version of Ohio State's brilliant attack the Lincoln faithful call an offense. Folks, my neighbor once followed my lead and slept with my wife. He ended up with gonorrhea. Nebraska and Texas are ending up with something far worse than an STD: losing.

The option is the one formula to bring these teams back. The option gives a team something important: options. Nebraska was last relevant when Eric Crouch said, "I can keep it, fake it,or chuck it." Nebraska's current attack has the fortitude to run this offense, and Texas may be an even better team to run the option. John Gray and Ty Swoopes are speedsters. They could run wild. They don't need to try and throw wild. Keep it simple, folks.

When we all grow up we face a natural desire to depart from the path our past creates. Eventually we realize the promise of long removed seasons is the best way to success. Two proud programs know they have an option. The only question is: will they take it, or will they fake it?