Sunday, October 18, 2015

Manning Madness

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Danville, Kentucky- In 1997 I lost my wallet and my wife's affection at a Tracy Lawrence concert. While myriad stories could come from having my identity stolen or that man stealing my wife, the real event that day was hearing Tracy Lawrence play the classic, "Time Marches On." Folks, despite the nerd's forecast, Peyton Manning marches on at 6-0.

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"The South moves North, the North Moves South," is how the classic chorus begins. Peyton has left his roots in Tennessee and leads the Denver Broncos to an undefeated record. Nothing else matters.

"A Star is Born, a Star Burns Out," is what the nerds would say. They claim Manning can't make the throws he used to. They say his interceptions are costing the Broncos. They say the defense masks the inabilities of his game-play. Folks, he's undefeated. QBR- like promises offered at a wedding- don't translate to victories. Only Peyton Manning does.

"The only thing that stays the same is that everything changes." That's true. One of these seasons Manning will retire. But if he retired right now, he'd be undefeated. He wouldn't have a top F/P+ grade. He'd just have a Super Bowl and an undefeated team he'd be leaving behind.

I never did find that wallet. Stupidly I remarried that woman after she left me for some guy, and then, she ended up leaving me like McDonald's will one day leave the promise of all-day breakfast. Yet, sometimes you have to enjoy the moments while they last. Manning may not have many seasons left- he might get tired of playing like Brett Favre did. Let's enjoy undefeated while it lasts.