Sunday, February 14, 2016

Trump for Supreme Court

Donald Trump is the right man for yet another job
Danville, Kentucky- 86 months of hell. Some would call that my second marriage plus 85 months. But that apt title now belongs to the Presidency of Barack Obama. From Benghazi to the Iran deal from Hillary Clinton emailing to having Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, Obama's presidency has been a disaster.

For the first time since the first victory of America's premiere signing competition, we have a moment like this: greatness. Obama is now left with a vacancy on the highest court. He can choose to sell out and nominate someone like Elena Kagan- a Harvard educated lawyer. Or he can nominate someone with real life experience.

Nate Silver thinking of how to get out of the election prediction game
Donald Trump is not a name many are mentioning because the lamestream media doesn't understand what Trump would do. The same media that once said Trump had no chance to win the Presidency hasn't even thought about Trump for the Supreme Court. Time to start thinking. Time to have Donald Trump enter the bench.

We need someone from outside the mainstream. The Supreme Court is filled with a bunch of lawyers. These lawyers spend all day debating and reading laws. They don't actually understand the law is meant to help us win. The Supreme Court has not even considered that NAFTA violates the constitution. The Supreme Court is too busy dealing with obscure issues to make sure we win again. How is a court that is afraid to take my lawsuit against Applebee's ever going to take on China?

Most importantly, we need a justice that understands Ted Cruz cannot be President. Folks, it's simple: Ted Cruz is a Canadian. The Constitution merely wants the President of the United States of America to be born in the United States of America. Yet, these justices aren't even talking about the issue. I searched Ask Jeeves and not a single mention of any justice and Ted Cruz birth. Folks, we saw what Donald Trump did for illegal immigration. Before Trump, we didn't even talk about illegal immigration. Well, if Donald Trump is on the Supreme Court, all the justices will be talking about why Ted Cruz can't be President. Trump wins. He'll get Ted Cruz to be declared unconstitutional for President, and he'll get Ted Cruz to pay for the lawsuit.

Donald Trump breaking the news to Ted Cruz that Donald Trump won't let a Canadian take the oath

I know many of you find this insane. I understand exactly where you are coming from, dear readers. If Donald is on the Supreme Court you think, how can he be President? Simple, by winning. If Donald is on the Supreme Court and keeps running, he'd be on the court to ignore a rule barring him from holding two federal offices. We know Trump can build this kind of dominance of American politics because he knows how to build things, like when he built an ice skating rink in Central Park.

The time for choosing has come. Obama's legacy is at stake. The fate of our court and country is on the line. It's time to call Donald Trump.