Monday, November 23, 2015

Ban the 76ers and Free Pete Rose

Danville, Kentucky - Pathetic. Embarrassing. A national disgrace. These words have been used against me as I fight an uphill battle with the corporate interests at Applebee's to overturn a ban long on injustice and short on hope of winning. Those words could more aptly describe the modern Philadelphia 76ers.

The 76ers were once a proud franchise. It all started with the Doctor. Dr. Julius Erving was a star. I preferred the ABA to the NBA. In the ABA the players used a red, white and blue ball to honor the greatest country on earth. The NBA preferred to use an orange ball, the same color ball that would be used in the 1972 Olympics as the Soviets stole their only victory in the Cold War. Dr. J. embodied the ABA and he became the 76ers.

Then there was Moses. In an era where Larry Bird and Magic Johnson ran wild on the NBA, somehow Moses and Dr. J won a title in the 1980's. They made the tough decision to try and win. And they did.

Now, the 76ers are 0-15. They think the best way to win is by not winning. Folks, you win by winning. It's simple. Yet, to the nerds with the 76ers, their statistical model tells them if they loose for 5 years, they might be good for 1 year. May God have mercy on us all.

The 76ers have no hope of winning soon. Sadly, Mr. Jahlil O. will start showing flashes of brilliance. As soon as he does, the 76ers will trade him for 8 second round picks. Mr. Hinke will convince himself that the expected value of those picks slightly outweighs a superstar. Then, the 76ers will tank to add more picks, and the vicious cycle will continue. They will never be good again with Mr. Hinke.

The NBA is committing a grave injustice every day by allowing a team to take the floor and lose each night. The fine, cold, and angry fans of Philly drive their children to the arena. After a week of scraping cars and avoiding the fear their company will move to a warmer climate, or just a climate where people don't boo Santa Claus, the parents end up taking their children to watch a guaranteed loser. The people of Philly can't go on like this. The world cannot go on like this.

This can be fixed. Injustice can only be fixed with justice. One man is facing the greatest injustice we've ever known. They call him: Pete Rose. Pete Rose sin was wanting to win so badly he not only figuratively bet on his guys each night, he literally bet on his guys every night. Pete Rose went to the ball club and gave everything he had, and what later turned out to be everything his creditors foolishly had to win. The 76ers give everything they have to lose.

"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." A test question I never understood in a physics class they let me pass anyway to play football now makes sense. When we punish winners and those that fight to win, we reward losing. We never had tank-artists like Sam Hinke in the 70's and 80's. We had Pete Rose. It's time to take a stand. It's time to trade one ban for another. It's time to ban the 76ers and free Pete Rose.