Monday, October 17, 2016

It's A Trap! Trump Must Boycott the Final Debate

Danville, Kentucky -- It's been said that discretion is the better part of valor. My second divorce lawyer told me this whenever I'd float one of my hair-brained schemes to kidnap my children and start a new life in Olean, a quaint town in rural New York near the Pennsylvania border. In fight-or-flight situations, the impulse to run away is often dismissed as cowardly. Folks, I'm never one to back down from a fight. But when the fight is rigged, you'd be a fool to enter the ring.

That's the lesson Trump has learned after two debates with Crooked Hillary Clinton. Don't get me wrong: Trump nailed both debates. The best polls confirm that Trump knocked the first two Clinton-Trump confrontations out of the ballpark like a hanging Joe Blanton slider.

Yet, Trump would be a fool to give Hillary a third bite at the apple. Trump won the first two debates in spite of a massive conspiracy to disadvantage him. Winning the third debate will be an uphill battle, especially with the Clinton crime syndicate more resolved than ever to thwart him. The debate simply won't be on a level playing field. Let's look at all the ways the mainstream media cartel will try to cheat Trump out of a debate victory:

1) BODY DOUBLES. Crooked Hillary has 'em, and I outlined the incontrovertible evidence behind this theory in an article you can read by clicking here. Trump doesn't even know which Hillary Clinton he'll have to debate: the deathly ill, weakened one, or the imposter that has been masquerading as her since this summer. In a fair match-up, Trump would crush the hobbled and fading Hillary. But Trump likely won't be debating the real Hillary. He'll be debating a laboratory-bred imitator with superior stamina and poise. All the more reason for Donald to opt out.

2) MEDIA BIAS. A bombshell email uncovered by Wikileaks showed that the media has colluded with the Clinton campaign to give her an unfair advantage in the debates.
Folks, this flies in the spirit of fairness and competitive equity. Unfortunately, Trump will be at even greater danger of being cheated in the next debate, which is to be hosted by Trump's mortal enemies at Fox News, the home of Megyn Kelly.

Fox News and the mainstream RINOs like Bill O'Reilly hate Trump and are now actively rooting for Hillary. Fox News has no doubt already tipped the Clinton campaign off about the questions ahead of time. Hillary's body double is probably preparing scripted answers to all the questions as we speak. Donald should refuse to debate unless Alex Jones of InfoWars and Milo Yiannopoulos of Breitbart are named moderators. Trump: don't play her game if the game ain't fair.

3) PREPAREDNESS. Folks, Clinton is a nerd. Like a goodie-two-shoe student trying to get top marks in a high school class, she's always studying and preparing while cool guys like Trump are grabbing life by the...horns. The liberal media will always rave about Hillary's over-polished and canned responses, while failing to appreciate Trump's impromptu bombast and gusto. Until the media changes the format of the debates to reward blustering bullies like Donald, he should boycott them.


Crooked Hillary is a filthy hypocrite. You just know she'd be the type to say Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez don't belong in the Hall of Fame because they injected the substances necessary to take their game to the next level. Yet, Hillary's body double was jacked up on all types of stimulants and uppers in the second debate; it's so obvious, folks. She started the debate brimming with energy and then fizzled out as the debate went on, which is behavior you'd expect from someone who has just snorted a few lines of crushed up Adderall. Next time, she'll probably take a higher dosage of whatever Super-Amphetamine she's on so that the high lasts for the entire debate. Unless Hillary's body double submits herself to a drug test, Donald should refuse to debate.


Folks, there's no dishonor in refusing to play a rigged game. Trump shouldn't feel any pressure to attend the debate anyway since all the important indicators point to a massive #Trumpslide victory. I never did kidnap my children and start a new life, because there isn't a Chili's or Buffalo Wild Wings nearby Olean. But you can damn well bet I considered it. Donald doesn't need to think nearly as hard about the choice before him. It's a no brainer. If Clinton won't play by the rules and forswear body doubles, collusion, preparation, and performance enhancing drugs, Trump shouldn't player her rigged game.