Thursday, October 20, 2016

TWTW Election Model: Update 3

Danville, Kentucky -- Folks, the election appears to have stabilized. While many observers have described this election as unprecedentedly 'volatile' or 'unpredictable,' my own tried-and-true forecasting model shows a relatively firm and uneventful race. Trump maintains a solid advantage over Crooked Hillary Clinton, just as he did in my model's first forecast and its update a few days ago. It's enough to make a man yawn. If nothing major happens to shake up the raise, we could be in for a snoozer, folks. The fundamentals of this race still lean strongly in favor of Donald no matter what you see in a FiveThirtyEight post or CNN polls.

Here's a breakdown of all the continued good news we've seen for Trump in the last media cycle:

1) The exemplary Los Angeles Times poll shows Trump maintains a comfortable lead.

2) The democrats are getting desperate.

So desperate that they're now resorting to violence, as we have seen in North Carolina, a fantastic state that is home to my favorite Golden Corral buffet restaurant.
Clinton knows the democrats are doomed, and now they're doing everything they can to intimidate honest rank-and-file Republican voters.

3) Aaron Rodgers, handsome Quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, sucks.

credit: Mike De Sisti, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Last Sunday, the Packers just suffered an embarrassing 30-16 defeat at the hands of the Dallas Cowboys, Skip Bayless' favorite team. To add insult to injury, the loss occurred at Green Bay's Lambeau Field, a venue known for its massive home-field advantage. Rodgers has been the least accurate passer in football. He threw only 1 touchdown and gave up yet another interception. The home crowd booed him.
Folks, the people of Wisconsin are mad. That's bad news for establishment types like Wisconsin's own Paul Ryan and Hillary Clinton, and very good news for Mr. Trump. Putting Wisconsin in Trump's column further pads his electoral lead.

4) Trump just received a big endorsement from third party candidate Jill Stein.

Getting an endorsement from someone who is technically running against you is a big deal. Stein's blessing will go a long way towards helping Donald gain traction with disgruntled Bernie Sanders voters who can't bring themselves to vote for the woman who cheated Bernie out of the nomination. That will further tilt the race in Trump's direction.

5) Julian Assange, the man behind Wikileaks, has been assassinated.

Clinton has been getting absolutely bombarded with accusations of corruption since the latest round of revelations from Wikileaks.

Clinton couldn't bear another day of Trump pounding her in the polls - so Hillary does what she always does when backed into a corner. Just like she did with Ambassador Stevens, Vince Foster, Justice Antonin Scalia, and Arnold Palmer, Hillary obviously ordered a targeted killing of Assange. He has no doubt been exterminated by the Clinton crime syndicate with ruthless efficiency. We can only speculate about how angry Clinton must've been about her campaign's internal polling numbers for her to make this decision.

6) Curt Schilling has announced he intends to run for Senate in Massachusetts. 

What further evidence do you need that Trumpism is catching on? Schilling, a beloved Boston Red Sox legend, will no doubt be one of the falling pebbles that triggers an avalanche against the establishment. Trump has inspired a new wave of outsiders to take on the corrupt Washington cartel. The tide is turning against status quo politics. Look for a big Trump win in 2016 followed by the successful candidacies of Curt Schilling, Harold Reynolds, Goose Gossage, John Rocker, Dennis Rodman, and Clint Eastwood in 2020 and 2024. 

7. Sean Hannity's ratings are skyrocketing

Folks, Sean is one of the last good men on television. He's honest, frank, and never pulls any punches. He's also the only guy on TV without a vendetta against Donald. The fact that his ratings are doing so unbelievably well provides further evidence that America is ready for Trump.

8. Trump Crushed the Final Debate

Trump drove the nail into HRC's body double's coffin. All the best polls show viewers thought Trump won. Hillary was low energy and got caught in multiple lies, unlike cool, calm, collected, rational, and well-reasoned Donald.


The liberals in charge of crooked outlets like the New York Times and Saturday Night Live want you to look at cherry-picked numbers, like one single teency-weency poll showing Donald trailing by 11 points, or Donald's sky-high un-favorability numbers. By reducing the election to just a couple of numbers on a spreadsheet, these phony pundits miss the forest for the trees. The TWTW model takes a much more rigorous and holistic look at the fundamentals of the election. We leave no stone un-turned, analyzing a broad array of indicators like: sports trends, endorsements, chicken wing prices, and the overall 'mood' of the country. My much more objective analysis predicts a comfortable Trump victory over Crooked Hillary come November 8th.

The TWTW Election Model is based on anecdotes and interviews with 0 or more randomly chosen registered voters nationwide and was conducted under the direction of Will Hart. The survey includes results among roughly 3-6 likely voters from Danville, Kentucky.