Saturday, July 11, 2015

Trump for President: Trump Trumps the Chumps

Danville, Kentucky- Sometimes it takes the most established man to fight the establishment. Sometimes, it's that time. This time is the time for Trump. But before we can endorse Trump, it's time to dispel the chumps.

Donald Trump says what needs to be said. While the Governor of New Jersey proclaims to be, "telling it like it is," the truth is we don't need a candidate that was trying to get to third base with Obama after Hurricane Sandy. Instead, we need a candidate that has made home-run deals his entire life. We need Trump.

Jeb Bush made too many risky economic deals to be President. Bush helped Florida's economy grow, but on the back of terrible housing deals. We need a President that understands the art of the deal, not bankrupting a state. Furthmore, Bush is only where he is because of his father and brother's legacy. Trump is only living off his father's legacy. Checkmate: Trump.

Scott Walker is too soft on immigration. Walker lies to the people about what he'd actually do on immigration. Trump merely lies to the people about what Mexico would do on immigration. A small man lies to others, a real man lies for his friends. What a candidate, what a President he could.

Rubio is too inexperienced. Sure, Rubio is well on the path to bankruptcy, but only one candidate has the experience of bankruptcy, after bankruptcy, after bankruptcy, after bankruptcy. In a few cycles, Rubio may understand that experience. Yet, by 2016 Rubio won't. Only Trump will, and only Trump should be President.

Then there's John "free money" Kasich. Kasich foolishly expanded Medicaid in his state. Trump understands you can't pass out Obamacare at your companies to grow your state/business. If Kasich gets elected, he'll bankrupt our country, which as mentioned previously, only Trump would understand how to get out of because of his experience with bankruptcy.

Bobby Jindal might as well appear now, since he won't appear at the Republican debates. Jindal thought he could use his Ivy league power. Jindal focused too much on what he learned hitting the books at Brown, and not enough on what his state needed. In contrast, Donald Trump disregarded what they told him at Wharton and focused on getting to know people and training his apprentice.

Dr. Ben Carson is a great man, but sadly he doesn't have any relevant experience to being President. If I needed surgery, I'd go see Ben Carson. Yet, what does being a surgeon have to do with being President. We need someone with relevant experience, and not someone with a totally unrelated job.

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Ted Cruz  is trampling the Constitution. Sure, he renounced his Canadian citizenship, but Trump and I have read the constitution. Sorry, but I can't vote for someone that's first act would be to deliberately disobey the constitution by being a non-American born person, what some have called a Canadian.

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Carly Fiorina ran a computer company that my son used to look up material he shouldn't have been. That's right, my son looked up random number generators and Nate Silver articles late at night. I'll never forgive Ms. Fiorina, and I'll never vote for her.

I looked at a sheet of candidates, and I remembered Lindsey Graham is running for President. He wants to escalate the war on coal with a cap and tax. Sure, he refuses to call Iraq a mistake, but if I wanted to lose my job at the coal plant again, I'd vote for Graham. But I don't. I want to work again, and Donald was the only candidate to generate jobs with his announcement.

Mike Huckabee is too good of a T.V. show host to lose. He spent the last several years blaring the guitar and providing great entertainment. Fox said he couldn't do both. We need him back on Fox while Mr. Trump manages our nation and holds down the fort hosting "the Apprentice."

George Pataki. According to Bing, he was once the Governor of New York. Folks, I really don't have time to research someone to see if they have a qualification to be President. I need someone I know. I need Trump.

Rand Paul supported Mitch McConell's re-election. Mitch McConell hit on my 3rd wife at a Lexington Chili's. Anyone that would hit on my 3rd wife has terrible judgment. Anyone that would support someone that would hit on my 3rd wife can't be trusted. Trump can be trusted. Trust Trump.

Rick Perry was a fine candidate in 2012. He didn't care to remember stupid agencies. Now, he wears hipster glasses and probably gathers at Starbucks to do God knows what. 

Rick Santorum is too good for me. Sure, he's got all the right views now and really always has. Yet, I need someone that was making a ton of mistakes recently. Jut a few years ago, Trump was pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, anti-Iraq, pro tax increases, and supported Hillary Clinton. Folks, I need someone that has been redeemed. I'll redeem my vote for Trump.

Trump beats everyone head-to-head. The media will never give Trump a comparison against the other candidates because they know his record is too great. It's time for us to speak out on his superior comparison. It's time for Trump.