Saturday, October 8, 2016

Double Trouble: Why Both Hillary Clintons Must Drop Out

Danville, Kentucky -- A woman so nice, she betrayed America twice. Folks, Hillary Clinton is a sick person on many levels. She murdered Vince Foster and Ambassador Stevens in cold blood. She called ordinary American deplorable. She cheated Bernie Sanders out of the nomination. She vowed to put coal miners out of work. She took speaking fees from big banks. She emailed on the job. Every step of the way, Hillary was worked to undermine the principles that once made America great.

We've known Hillary Clinton is ethically sick. But folks, she's physically sicker than we ever knew.

It's now abundantly apparent to anybody paying attention to this year's presidential race that Clinton's health is rapidly failing. She's had pneumonia, seizures, fainting episodes, and other debilitating conditions that the general public is unaware of due to the Clinton family's chronic lack of transparency. We can only guess at what other fatal illnesses she is coping with. My cousin, a chiropractor from Dayton, says she's clearly got a bad case of gout and tube-worms as well.

But folks, it gets worse. She's got a body double. The photographic proof is compelling and irrefutable.

Folks, why does Hillary Clinton have a body double? Has her speaking schedule become so arduous that she is too sick and weak to be on the campaign trail regularly? Has the weight of her lies caught up to her? Is she too ashamed to assume her own persona in public? Has the real Hillary died and been replaced by an imposter?

To answer these questions, we need to look at other important public figures who have been known to use body doubles. 

Hitler used body doubles. 

Hillary's fellow communist Joseph Stalin used body doubles.

Lee Harvey Oswald, likely at the behest of co-conspirator Rafael Cruz, used a body double.

Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced by a body double. Has the true Hillary met the same fate?

Saddam Hussein, the butcher of Baghdad and Bush family's white whale, used a body double.

Queen Padme Amidala, known globalist and crooked politician who inadvertently ushered in the Galactic Empire, also used a body double.


Folks, you can learn alot about a person by figuring out if they employ a look-alike to serve as a diversion or to take risks on that person's behalf. We already knew Hillary can't be trusted. But know we know she's doubly untrustworthy. Hillary is in bad company. Some of the worst people in history have used body doubles: Hitler, Stalin, Saddam, Oswald, Amidala. 

One Hillary was bad enough: we don't need another one trying destroy America. Hillary's body double should be the #1 issue of this election. Who is this imposter woman? What happened to the real Hillary? A sick president is unfit to be president. A dead president is also unfit to be president. We cannot be a nation ruled by a doppelgänger imposter. I call on both Hillary Clintons to immediately drop out of the race, in the interest of preserving the integrity of America's democratic process.