Sunday, April 17, 2016

Why Cruz Must Lose: The Real Story of Rafael Cruz's Involvement in the JFK Killing that the Media Doesn't Want You to Know

Danville, Kentucky -- The election of 2016 represents a turning point for our nation. America can reject business as usual corrupt politicking by voting in Donald -- or America can continue electing and re-electing the same politicians who have been destroying our country for years.

No politician better fits this description than Lyin' Canada Ted Cruz. I was criticizing Cruz way before the lamestream media realized the depth of his lies and deceit. Mr. Cruz talks a big game about being anti-establishment, but his credentials are dubious. Cruz is one of the architects of the globalist job-killing Obamatrade, NAFTA, and TPP agenda. Ted, who has deep connections to the political establishment, is also an honorary member of the Bush family, the folks who lied their way into two Iraq wars.

Folks, these examples don't even scratch the surface of the crimes committed by the Cruz family. Setting the aside the question of whether or not Canadian-born Ted Cruz is constitutionally eligible to be President, Ted and his father Rafael are implicated in perhaps the greatest crime of the past half-century: the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

I'm not a Kennedy apologist, though I admire his prowess with ladies like Marilyn Monroe. JFK wasn't a perfect president. He helped bring us LBJ's Great Society nanny state. I will never forgive him for that. But he was a good man, and his father knew how to make fantastic moonshine. Unlike Ted Cruz and Obama, Jack Kennedy patriotically served his country in the Pacific theater of World War II aboard the PT-109. Jack also had the steely fortitude necessary to guide our country through the Cuban Missile Crisis. If only the same could be said for Lyin' Canada Ted.

Not only does Lyin' Canada Ted pale in comparison to past presidents, his family is actively responsible for the loss of America's Arthurian commander-in-chief, JFK.

Three places hold the key to understanding why Ted and his Cuban father Rafael were complicit in the CIA's murder of JFK: Cuba, New Orleans, and Dallas.

I'll lay out the case via this timeline of the events leading up to the murder of Kennedy.

1939 - Cuba

Canada Ted's father, Rafael Cruz is born in Cuba. As a young man, Rafael joins the Cuban Revolution that ultimately empowers the Castro family. He joins Fidel's guerrilla army and espouses a violent revolutionary Marxist-communist ideology.

APRIL, 1961 - Cuba

Jack Kennedy, in a valiant effort to liberate oppressed Cubans from the iron deathgrip of communism, attempts a regime change operation in Cuba known as the Bay of Pigs invasion. With this act, Kennedy demonstrates his strong anti-communism credentials, horrifying socialists like Rafael Cruz and Lee Harvard Oswald in the process.

1963 - New Orleans

Rafael Cruz moves from Texas to New Orleans. The Cruz family is so bad at doing legal paperwork (see: the legal debate over whether Ted is eligible to be POTUS) that we're not sure the precise date when Rafael arrives.

APRIL 24TH, 1963 - New Orleans

After moving to Dallas, Texas, Lee Harvey Oswald arrives in New Orleans on April 24th, 1963, where Canada Ted's father is waiting to meet him. PBS once said:
"If there was a plot to kill President Kennedy, then it was probably hatched in New Orleans. It was here that Lee Oswald may have crossed paths with men that hated Kennedy and wanted him eliminated." [source:]
Folks, you know PBS would not lie. They are a government funded television station devoted to the left. Obamatelevision's knowledge of socialists is beyond reproach.

At this time, Rafael and Lee Harvey Oswald share a mutual admiration for Fidel Castro, who they view as a hero willing to challenge Western imperialism and capitalism. During Oswald's stay in New Orleans from April 24th to September 25th of 1963, Pappa Cruz and Oswald bond while distributing anti-American/pro-Castro pamphlets in downtown New Orleans. The Warren Commission never identifies the mystery men standing next to Pappa Cruz in the images below.

A close-up reveals the mystery man next to Oswald is none other than Pappa Cruz.
SEPTEMBER 25TH, 1963 - Cuba

With the plan to murder Kennedy now fully in motion, Oswald disappears from New Orleans. The Warren Commission pretends as though he vanishes into thin air, but according to recently de-classified CIA documents, he heads straight to Cuba, Rafael and Ted Cruz's fatherland. What he does here, we can only guess -- a rendezvous with Rafael's communist handlers, or perhaps rogue CIA elements. 

NOVEMBER 22ND, 1963 - Dallas

Oswald, with the assistance of pro-Castro factions of the CIA and Rafael Cruz, murders Kennedy in Dallas, Texas. Rafael Cruz now works as a pastor in Dallas, Texas. Coincidence? I doubt it. 

Cruz and Oswald succeed in taking down JFK, staunch enemy of their hero Fidel Castro, and opponent of LBJ's globalist agenda. The CIA summarily executes Oswald to prevent him from divulging state secrets during prosecution. Rafael Cruz and the CIA get away with the crime of the century.


The report of the Warren Commission is released, killing any hopes that the truth of the matter would be made known to the good people of America. Dwight Eisenhower, a war hero and noble President, once called the appointment of Earl Warren his greatest mistake. Warren was no conservative. He was a communist sympathizer in disguise who tried desperately to conceal the truth about Kennedy to protect his globalist ally, Rafael Cruz. 


The liberal media does not want you to know this story. Megyn Kelly won't talk about it. Rachel Maddow won't talk about it. Skip Bayless won't either. But the evidence is clear, convincing, and proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Rafael Cruz had a hand in killing Kennedy. How Canada Ted and his father have managed to elude prosecution is beyond me, but then again, our government won't even indict Hillary. The fix is in. The Cruz family and Oswald have deep ties to the Castros, Cuba, New Orleans, and Dallas. The Warren Commission doesn't even mention Rafael Cruz, because the Warren Commission is crock invented by panicked liberals to turn the page on a national tragedy. It's time that America turned the page on Ted Cruz. A conspirator in one of the greatest crimes in American history is not fit to serve as President.