Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Forget Mitt: #NeverRomney for Secretary of State

Danville, Kentucky -- Folks, it didn't take long, but there is already an imminent threat to President-Elect Donald Trump's quest to Make America Great Again. That threat is Mitt Romney.

Let's take a minute to recount Mitt's numerous failures, all of which disqualify him from serving in Trump's administration. Mitt Romney, former liberal governor of Massachusetts, is the architect of the failed Romneycare and Obamacare programs. Mitt Romney is the loser who gave us Obama's second term by throwing away a winnable race in 2012.
Mitt Romney is the man who brought the traitorous Paul Ryan to national prominence by choosing him as his running mate. Mitt Romney is the man who ran Bain Capital: the globalist investment firm that saved the faceless Staples corporation and subsequently destroyed family owned paper mills like Dundler Mifflin in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Folks, Donald won Pennsylvania precisely because good people in places like Scranton were tired of having their livelihoods ruined by corporate shills like Mitt.

Picking Romney would not only be a betrayal of every principle Trump took a stand for in the 2016 election; it would be awful for United States foreign policy. Mike Huckabee knows this.
Newt knows this too.
Huck and Newt have earned Trump's loyalty by consistently defending him throughout the campaign. By contrast, Romney sought to undermine Trump every step of the way: by recruiting globalist pawn Evan McMullin to run against Trump, and by taking to the bully pulpit to insult and attack Donald.

Romney called Trump "very not smart." He called Trump a "con man" and a "fake." If Donald makes the foolish mistake of appointing Romney to be America's Secretary of State, what's to stop Romney from back-stabbing Donald in the middle of sensitive diplomatic negotiations? Romney clearly has no loyalty to Donald.

Romney is not only disloyal and untrustworthy. He'd likely be the worst Secretary of State since Crooked Hillary. Mitt Romney has no diplomatic experience, unless you count the time he offended our British allies by criticizing their handling of the 2012 Olympic Games (Mr. Romney considers himself an Olympic expert because of the time he ruined the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics).

Romney is too awkward and goofy to be trusted with serious diplomatic affairs. He's also a war-mongering neo-conservative maniac who supported the disastrous Iraq War and wants the United States perpetually entangled in foreign conflicts. Contrast Mitt with Dennis Rodman, the man I would pick for Secretary of State if I were Trump. Whereas Romney is a walking gaffe-machine, Rodman is a stately and dignified individual with the foreign policy gravitas and experience necessary to guide our nation through crises and reassure our allies. Romney has failed America time and time again; Rodman single-handedly brokered peace with the treacherous Kim regime of North Korea. The choice is clear. #NeverRomney for Secretary of State.