Sunday, August 16, 2015

Hillary Clinton Has to Go... to Jail

An image that will no doubt prove damning in Clinton's eventual trial
Danville, Kentucky - Whitewater, Benghazi, Hillarycare, Travelgate. All one word. All one great disaster. Today, one scandal Trumps them all- no pun intended because Hillary can't compare to our next President. Hillary spent time at work emailing. For this simple reason, she should receive a simple jail sentence.

Hillary pictured in Russia- upset she has to waste time away from her emails
2009 was a time of great hope. We had elected a man talking about change when we needed that more than Olive Garden needs to accept I'm not tipping when my girlfriend says no to the marriage proposal. 2009 was also the time Obama made what would become his greatest mistake: naming Hillary Clinton Secretary of State.

If you haven't heard by now, Hillary Clinton sent emails while she was Secretary of State. Folks, I shouldn't have to explain that emailing has no place at work. When I worked at the G.M. plant we didn't email, we worked to build cars. When Miguel Cabrera goes to work, he doesn't email, he works to hit the ball out of the yard. And when Ronald Reagan went to work, he didn't email, he won the Cold War.

Hillary Clinton's email scandal isn't about the private server, it's about what we know happened on any server: emailing. Clinton's job wasn't to email, it was to represent the United States on the world stage. Clinton wasted her time emailing instead of seeing the Russians were fleecing us on the "reset."

Worst of all is that we know can confirm Clinton emailed during Benghazi. Clinton should have focused on fixing the compound, not spellchecking emails.

Going forward, we must prosecute Clinton. Clinton has committed treason by spending work time emailing instead of focusing on her job duties. We can't allow Clinton to distract us by changing the question away from emailing itself to some nonsense about what was classified, public, and the missing emails. McGovernities were destroyed by Nixon in 1972 but got their revenge on bogus charges arising out of Watergate. We can't let a former McGovernite win again. For the sake of our nation and the workplace Clinton must answer one charge: Why are you not guilty of treason?