Sunday, November 8, 2015

Alabama is #1

Danville, Kentucky- Alabama was the greatest band of the 20th century; that much I can guarantee. They had hits. They described life in the early 20th Century, and the hopes of the 21st. They wore their hair right and kept their jeans tight. I was proud to listen to them.

By the 90's, they weren't the band they had been, or so the left was saying. I constantly tried to defend them. I just needed one thing to grasp onto to remind the world they were the best. Then came a song so great, I couldn't believe it.

 Christmas Shoes. A song so complicated it becomes simple. A boy and his shoes. Death and childhood. Concepts that are universal and somehow were reinvented one night in the SEC. I heard that song and there was no doubt. The greatest band of the 20th century was still the greatest.

Alabama football followed a similar path, or so the left was saying. Saban was washed up. The gimmicks of the spread and the Big 12 were ready to overtake the country. Defense was as irrelevant as belonging to a union. People complained the Tide lost at home to Ole Miss all the while ignoring Alabama lost to a team that beat Alabama.

Then came last night and Alabama's win over LSU. That's right, the State University of Louisiana. They have the best running back in America, or so the left was saying. Then Derrick Henry ran. At the end of the night Alabama walked away with the lead in the race for the SEC.

One again, the Tide are the best team in America, as they have been so often in a country I declare my favorite despite disliking its President, its healthcare, its corporations, and a majority of its people on both of the coasts. They have a win over Arkansas. Sure, Arkansas got blown out at home by Texas Tech, a .500 Big 12 team. But that ignores that every week Alabama gets their opponents best shot. Players don't even try against Texas Tech. Or Toledo. I mean, look at Auburn. They barely beat Jacksonville State. Or Check out Ole Miss. They lost to Memphis. Are we just supposed to believe the SEC isn't good? Of course not. The SEC has the best team, Alabama. It must be a good conference.

Seasons come and go. For me, one song makes it always Christmas. "I never forgot the look on his face when he said momma's gonna look so great." I'll never forgot listening to one of the greatest songs of all-time. That's what we do, we remember the greatest of all-time. Don't sleep on Alabama. They're #1.