Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Benedict Ryan: Paul RINO for Prison

Danville, Kentucky - In the Winter of 1778 the nascent Continental Army was between the devil and the deep blue sea, or between a rock and a hard place, whichever metaphor you prefer. King George III's forces -- better trained, better equipped, and better fed than those of the colonies -- were converging upon the American south. Savannah was captured. Soon Charleston would be as well. Things looked bleak.

For true patriots, it was a time to come together. To cauterize our wounds, rally around weak bonfires for warmth, and sing lowly anthems of freedom with our countrymen. 

But not all were as stout-hearted as the men who endured the bitter cold of Valley Forge. Times of war reveal not only the best of us, but the worst of us. For every General Washington, there is a Benedict Arnold. By 1782, Benedict Arnold was not spending his winters huddled around campfires with his brothers-in-arms. He spent them in London, in the cushioned lap of the tyrant George III, the man who denied a continent their self-evident and inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

Benedict Arnold: Paul Ryan's spiritual ancestor
Folks, America once again finds itself in a war for the nation's very soul. Donald J. Trump has launched a revolution against the tyranny of liberalism and political correctness. In his fight to Make America Great Again, Donald has both made enemies and enlisted allies. One such reluctant ally has been Speaker of the House of Paul Ryan, a representative of Wisconsin and running-mate of the failed Mitt Romney. Ryan has never completely embraced Mr. Trump, preferring to keep his distance so that he can continue to cut crooked deals with America's political and corporate elites. 

But now, Paul Ryan has turned coat. Pulled a Benedict Arnold. Gone full Boromir. Trump's locker-room talk offended the Puritanical sensibilities of Speaker Ryan so much that Ryan has stabbed Donald in the back, vowing not to defend or campaign with Donald in a secret meeting with other *RINO traitors yesterday. Speaker Ryan broke the #1 rule of politics and deal-making: you don't go against the family

Folks, we should've seen it coming. Wisconsin is a state of traitors. Reince Preibus -- the GOP establishment shill who refuses to devote the full power of the RNC in service of Trump's campaign -- is from Wisconsin. Brett Favre -- the former Green Bay Packer who betrayed his hard-working and loyal fans by signing with the blood rival Vikings of Minnesota -- once called Wisconsin his home. It wouldn't surprise me if Speaker Ryan is actually considering a move to the Democratic stronghold of Minnesota. He'll live in St. Paul and run for office there, much like Crooked Hillary Clinton's carpetbagging to New York City, or Favre's departure for the Vikings.

Paul Ryan has now made his bed; he must now lie in it. Unfortunately for Ryan, it will be a prison bed. Donald has already put Hillary on notice: she'll be jailed when he wins. Donald, I hope there is room for two in that cell. 

*RINO = Republican In Name Only