Wednesday, October 5, 2016

TWTW's 2016 NL Wild Card Game Preview

Danville, Kentucky - 2016 has and will be the year of Queens, New York. Although this picturesque borough is mainly known for being the hometown of Spider-Man, it is also the birthplace of our next President and the home of a team primed for October glory: The New York Mets. One day, future generations of Americans will look back on this fateful year and wonder how so much political and athletic talent could be housed in one city.

Where's Donald?
Like Donald Trump, the Mets have been underestimated. Prognosticators didn't think Trump had a chance to win the Republican Party's nomination for President after going where no politician had gone before, after shattering the politically-correct consensus by telling it like it is regarding losers like John McCain and Rosie O'Donnell. The Mets know the feeling: the lamestream baseball media counted the Mets out once they lost aces Matt Harvey and Jacob DeGrom.

But here we are: weeks away from when the next World Series Champion and next President of the United States will be coronated. Donald Trump and the Mets are ready to silence the doubters and prove that they're winners. Don't bet against Trump, and don't bet against the Mets as they square off against the San Francisco Giants: here's why.

The Giants are a team that limped into the playoffs. They had a 2nd half record of 26 wins and 42 losses; a figure you might expect to see from a lowly team like the Phillies or Braves. Like the 2014 Oakland Athletics, the Giants were done in by a horrible trade that destroyed the team's chemistry: a deal that sent fan favorite and scrappy underdog Matt Duffy to the over-rated Rays castoff Matt Moore. I'm not even sure postseason legend Madison Bumgarner can fix this team's issues.

A team from San Francisco that disappears when it matters most? Sounds familiar if you ask me. Let's just say they wouldn't be the first Bay Area team to collapse under pressure this year.

The Warriors Blew a 3-1 Lead in the NBA Finals
On the other hand, the Mets fought tooth and nail to get into the playoffs. They've been led by aging vets like Bartolo Colon and Curtis Granderson, who are hungry for a ring. They've been led by otherworldly phenom talents like Yoenis Cespedes and Noah Syndergaard. They've overcome injuries and adversity. The Mets simply want it more than the Giants, even-year magic be damned. Queens has already given our country so much: the 1965 Beatles concert at Shea Stadium, excellent Greek cuisine, our next president, and Simon and Garfunkel. This Danville man thinks that this October they have one more legend to bestow upon us.