Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Never Huntsman

Danville, Kentucky -- Democracy is tough work, folks. Every victory is temporary. While the Trump Train may have steered clear of a disastrous "Secretary of State Mitt Romney" outcome for the time being, a new obstacle to renewed American greatness has already emerged. That obstacle is Jon Huntsman, former Governor of Utah and Ambassador to China. 

In recent days, Huntsman has been mentioned as a serious contender for Trump's Secretary of State. I don't mind Donald casting a wide net, but here's a few quick reasons why he'd be a disaster:

1) He's loyal to Obama and the Chinese

Huntsman served the crooked, failed Obama administration as the Ambassador to China. Folks, what kind of unprincipled snake works for Obama? All the truly dignified conservatives like Mitch McConnell and Eric Cantor refused to work with the guy, like I proudly refuse to eat at Panera Bread.

Huntsman is the Panera of Secretary of State candidates: pretentious, elitist, globalist, and out of touch. While folks like Trump were doing everything they could to obstruct the Obama administration and save our country, Huntsman was busy saying he has "enormous regard" for Obama and that "it's an honor to work with" crooked Hillary Clinton. Huntsman is just another liberal trying to take down the Trump administration from the inside.

It gets even worse, folks. Huntsman is way too soft on China. The man even speaks Chinese.

Trump wants to get tough on China to bring back American jobs and put our foreign policy back on the winning track. Meanwhile, Huntsman says stuff like this:
"You can get an applause line by saying that you're going to go to war with China, that you're going to slap a tariff, without remembering that you've got … a host of issues that are all part of the U.S.-China relationship. And a trade war would grind it all to a halt, all the while killing small business and exporters in this country, and I don't want that done." [source]
Huntsman has spent the last few years licking China's boots. He does not have what it takes to Make America Great again and hold China's feet to the fire.

2) He has a BIG LEAGUE conflict of interest with MSNBC

Huntsman family reunion on MSNBC
Folks, Jonny H's daughter once worked for the radical leftist network MSNBC. While at MSNBC, Abby Huntsman was a "token conservative" and a "pushover" according to the National Review. While Trump is boldly taking on the crooked mainstream media, Huntsman has blatant conflicts of interest that would make him beholden to the corporate media-industrial-complex. How could Huntsman faithfully serve the Trump administration if his daughter is in cahoots with Trump's mortal enemies Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews? The answer: he couldn't. Hard pass, Donald. 

3) He has no coherent policy in the Middle East

Back in 2011, Huntsman came out swinging against Obama's military escapade in Libya. Huntsman criticized the intervention against Ghaddafi, saying "intervention in Libya was not core to our national security interest." Fast forward a couple of years and he flip-flopped, lending full-throated support to the idea of military strikes in Syria. In essence, Huntsman said Syria is America's fight but Libya is not. Tell that to Ambassador Stevens. Strike three, Mr. Huntsman.

4) He loves TPP

Folks, Trump ran a campaign about putting America first. By supporting TPP, Huntsman is putting China, Vietnam, and Indonesia first. The mere threat of TPP is already devastating mom-and-pop stores, Blockbuster Video, and Pizza Huts across this good nation. America's next Secretary of State cannot and must not be an Obamatrade apologist. 


Huntsman is just Diet Mitt Romney. He's a defender of the corrupt status quo. A hanger-on, trying desperately to ride Donald's coattails. America needs outsiders like Ben Carson and Dennis Rodman to right our ship. Huntsman isn't an outsider; in fact, he's an insider with the brutal totalitarian Chinese government that Donald is attempting to defeat en route to renewed American glory. For all these reasons and more, #NeverHuntsman for Secretary of State.